Taos Bakes + The Athletic

Taos Bakes + The Athletic

Introducing Taos Bakes Socks!

Here’s a little secret about the staff at Taos Bakes: we love socks. Like really, really love socks. Our CEO has a DEEP collection of fun, quirky foot coverings that he loves to show off during meetings, which is why socks are the first piece of swag we launched on our site.


Of course when you love socks, and want to make a pair of socks to represent your brand, you need to be thoughtful about who’s going to make those socks. The choice was actually quite easy: The Athletic out of Portland, Oregon. The company rose to fame by creating the beloved PDX Airport Carpet Sock that depicted the old carpet design that’s subsequently been ripped out but lives on under people’s pants.

Those socks became a cult favorite and shot the company to fame, allowing them to expand their collection, and their impact. Nowadays, The Athletic make dozens of different sock designs that you’d be proud to wear on your bike, out on a run, under your slacks at work, or even just around the house to impress your kids. Beyond socks, they make high-quality running tops and bottoms, and splashy, comfy bike kit.

They’ve also used their success to support their local community in a big way. They sponsor local group rides, put on Taco Runs, send out a subscription box (look for Taos Bakes in there soon!), put out great content in their newsletter each week, and the list goes on. They’re a brand we’re proud to work with and a brand we look up to for how they do business.

As for the socks, we think you’ll be impressed. Covered with your favorite Taos Bakes characters, they’re loud, in your face, and fun. Wear them with a pair of shorts and people won’t stop asking you about where you got them. You can then proudly tell them you ordered them off the Taos Bakes site. Made in Italy (because the Italians make damn nice socks), they’re also as plush as they come and plenty bomber so you can wear them once a week (or more!) for many years to come

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