This Is Who Makes Your Favorite Taos Bakes

Victor Manuel Bernal, otherwise known as “Manny,” was one of Taos Bakes's first production employees six year ago. Back then he was shy and quiet, but as soon as he joined the company everyone saw his leadership potential. For example, he quickly devised a new way to scale our production capabilities and is largely responsible for our meteoric production growth.⠀

Today Manny is the Production Manager, which means he oversees every snack that rolls out of our factory. “He absolutely runs the show,” says Brooks Thostenson, one of the Taos Bakes co-founders. “It’s been incredible and totally inspiring to watch his personal growth.”⠀


At Taos Bakes, We’re Family

These days, Manny and his wife Elsa are still raising a beautiful family in the Taos area. Pictured above are their boys Alex, 5, Miguel, 9, and Eduardo, 15. When asked what he’s most excited about going forward, Manny has a quick answer.

“I want to create a legacy,” he says. “I want our snacks to be known across the entire world, not just here in New Mexico or the United States. I want people to be able to enjoy them wherever they are across the globe.”⠀


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