Jeremy outside of our production facility in Questa, New Mexico.

The Day It All Started: August 7, 2017

Jeremy Morris, one of our production leaders, and a critical part of Team Taos, grew up in Questa, New Mexico, where our facility is located. He’s proud to be from this tiny community of 1,700 people that’s nestled against 13,000-foot peaks in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, where his family has lived for generations.

Nowadays Jeremy, 27, owns property, a home, and is excited to make a life for himself and his fiancé. Just a few years ago, however, Jeremy never thought a life in Questa would be possible.

That’s because back when he graduated from Questa High School, the only worthwhile, high-paying job in town was at a local mine. Hesitant to work underground in what could be dangerous conditions, he left town and moved south to Albuquerque where he worked a series of entry-level jobs and pieced things together.

“I had a hard time coping because life was fast-paced in Albuquerque, and we didn’t live in the best neighborhood so there was lots of vandalism and even some violence,” he says.

Things changed for the better in 2017 when he decided to apply for jobs around Taos, and someone told him to call Kyle, a Taos Bakes co-owner. Jeremy says he was handed Kyle’s cell number, gave Kyle a call right then, set up an interview on the phone, and within a week was hired. Jeremy still remembers the exact day he started working at Taos Bakes: Monday, August 7, 2017.

“I’ve always deeply cared about this town and all my friends and family who still live here, so it was great to come back,” Jeremy says.

A Force on The Production Floor 

It’s only gotten better from there. On the Taos Bakes floor, Jeremy is one of the most experienced employees, and with a strong work ethic, quick wits, and leadership skills, he was  promoted to a management position. He was hired on at a living wage when he started, and through a series of raises, now has enough money that he and his fiancé are able to save and invest in projects they care about. A lover of horticulture, Jeremy wants to start an organic farm on his property where he can raise produce for local stores and farmers’ markets.

“For the first time, we can live our lives the way we want to,” Jeremy says. “We have real financial security.”

He’s also excited to see Taos Bakes grow. The company is already well-recognized and respected in the Rocky Mountain West, but he’s excited for people across the country to get to know Taos and build a relationship with the company.

“It gives me a real sense of pride to see great things coming from this small town,” Jeremy says.


From our very first days testing out ingredients in a community kitchen in Taos, we’ve learned the lesson that investing in people matters. When we say that Taos cares about people, products, and profit—in that order—this is what we mean. Jeremy has contributed to Taos in innumerable ways, but most importantly, he is a force on the production floor. With unending energy and enthusiasm, he brings a liveliness to every shift he works.



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