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Move Over Pumpkin spice. Meet Ginger.

This punchy bar delivers crunchy, buttery pecans and a healthy snap of ginger. We baked in notes of blackstrap molasses, dark brown sugar and cinnamon for a complex, well-rounded snack.  

This is no one-note pumpkin spice cliché. Our Head Baker put months of testing into developing a flavor profile that delivers the satisfying taste and texture of a holiday treat with none of the guilt.  


Fall for a Ginger This Holiday Season & ReceIve FREE SHIPPING.

With the texture of cookie but stuffed full of healthy, delicious ingredients, this Bake is your go-to snack this winter.  

• Small-batch crafted in northern New Mexico 
• Baked to perfection in a real oven
• Gluten-free & Non-GMO 
• Vegan
• Zero-fillers. 100% whole foods.


“Ginger is healthy, it has an amazing taste, and a gingersnap flavor is perfect for a winter release.”

—Brooks Thostenson, aka, the Head Baker 

Meet the Baker Behind Gingersnap.

Brooks is one of our cofounders and the mad scientist behind every new flavor. To come up with Gingersnap + Pecan he spent six months experimenting with ginger, one of the ingredients he's always wanted to work with. He often made six batches a day.

While other bar companies cut corners, he refuses to compromise until he creates the healthiest, most innovative bar possible. 

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