An alternate snack from an
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Why Taos Bakes Are Better

In a blind study, 7 out of 10 people chose Taos Bakes over the other guys.

$25.99 $19.50 - Limited Time Only
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You Deserve The Best In Both
Taste & Nutrition

taos bakes are crafted with the world’s finest ingredients - gmo & gluten free


The Proof Is In The Bake

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$25.99 $19.50 - Limited Time Only
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$25.99 $19.50 - Limited Time Only
Try Our Sample Pack!
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Delicious & Healthy Energy

  • Highest quality ingredients deliver the best energy to your body
  • Zero fillers (aka no cheap rice puffs, cardboard, etc.)
  • Non-GMO & Gluten-Free
  • 7 out of 10 prefer Taos Bakes over Clif, Lara, and RX Bars

Taos Bakes are the best-tasting snack in your pantry. If you disagree after one bite, just send your box back for a refund.

Five Stars

The Other Bars vs. Taos Bakes

it’s a difference you can see, taste, AND feel.

Blandland Bars
  • Mass-produced by sad robots
  • Artificial ingredients & chemicals
  • Weird textures, chalky feeling
  • Look like turds
  • Taste like cardboard
  • Made for adults or kids, not both
  • Made with cheap ingredients
  • Give you a rush and then a crash
Taos Bakes
  • Crafted & baked in a kitchen, just like mom
  • 100% artificial chemical & preservative free
  • Authentic crunch, chewy, real food
  • Look like something you’ll want to eat
  • Preferred (by far) over Clif, Lara, & RX Bars in a blind study
  • Healthy & tasty for adults and kids alike
  • Baked with the finest ingredients & GMO-free
  • Give you long-lasting, steady energy to avoid highs and crashes
$25.99 $19.50 - Limited Time Only
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Special Offer

Special Offer

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$25.99 $19.50 - Limited Time Only
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Our Fully-Baked Guarantee

Love ‘em or send ’em back for a 100% refund. Simple as that.

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GMO, Gluten, & Dairy Free GMO, Gluten, & Dairy Free

100% Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our guarantee is as simple and tasty as our ingredients list:

If you are not totally satisfied, send your box back, no questions asked, just pay return shipping.

If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll send you a hiking bar (aka, a turd). Free!

$25.99 $19.50 - Limited Time Only
Try Our Sample Pack!
Free Shipping